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Department of Interior | Fish & Wildlife Service | Cibola National Wildlife Refuge

Design and Construct Potable Water Treatment System


  • Conduct data collection and observation site visit

  • Evaluate operation and performance of existing system

  • Determine if chlorination is beneficial at Colorado River inlet of water system

  • Design new system

  • New System Includes: System pump at Colorado River, centrifugal separator, chlorine injection, variable speed Grundfos booster pump, pressure tank, water meters, multi-media filtration, water softener, GAC filter, RO system, Ultraviolet system

  • Demolish and dispose of all components needed to replace the existing water treatment system

  • Easily readable screens or gauges to assist in trouble-shooting and system errors

  • Easy to clean, flush and replace filters for new system

  • Label all water lines for direction of water flow

  • Water meters measuring raw water intake and product distribution water at the outlet

  • Provide new product water sample analysis, meets SDWA requirements.

  • Schematics of Construction Details, Literature for Maintenance and Operation

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