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Department of Interior | Fish & Wildlife Service | Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

Design and Construct Pronghorn Water Storage System


  • Provide four 5000-Gal polyethylene water storage tanks, impermeable to light

  • Level existing 40' x 50' gravel pad to provide for water storage tanks, discharge pump and plumbing 

  • Construct concrete pad with web reinforcement for discharge pump, minimum 3000 psi

  • Include shutoff valves on intake side of discharge pump and at primary storage tank 

  • Connect discharge pump to outgoing 4-inch irrigation line 

  • Install float valve into primary tank and electrical connection from float valve to electrical panel

  • Provide automated controls to start and stop generator via float valves in water storage tanks

  • Program the genset power source G40 generator for automatic start and shutoff to allow auto-fill of tanks.

  • Bypass switch for manual start of generator for start of discharge pump

  • Electrical connection from generator to electrical subpanel

  • Schematics of Construction Details, Literature for Maintenance and Operation

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