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NAVFAC Southwest Division | MCAS Yuma 

Design ​Demolish and Deconstruct

Project Description

Facilitate ongoing IR program to reduce, streamline and consolidate facility and infrastructure functions reducing cost, footprint and deteriorated real property to sustain and service. Design Build methodology to ensure sites are SEC ready for MILCON's meaning clear to 8-ft below final grade.

Project Facilities 

  • Total project site boundary area = 246,400 sq-ft | 5.7 acres

  • Environmental Building | HAZMAT pads | Kennel | Military Working Dog Yard | Hostage House | Awning 

  • 228, 953, 2110, 2325, 2326, 96, 100, 104, 114

Scope of Work

  • GPS Survey 25-ft maximum grid, measure buildings and structures

  • GPR Ground Penetrating Radar 25-ft maximum grid, minimum 8-ft below grade

  • Soil testing for VOC, Semi-VOC, PAH, Polychlorinated Biphenyls, Organic Munitions, TPH

  • Identify utilities within project site boundary

  • Identify service utilities at structures

  • Civil Engineering plans

  • Specifications

  • Incorporate LID strategies

  • Basis of Design Report

  • As-Built drawings and close-out deliverable's

Equipment Used

  • GSSI SIR3000 GPR data acquisition system

  • 400MHz Antenna 

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