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City of Yuma | COY 2017-20000209 | Assessment of Street Light & Traffic Signal Poles

Provide the City of Yuma with a comprehensive condition assessment of City owned streetlights and traffic signals.  Approximately 9,000 streetlights and traffic signals are the focus of this assessment.  The use of GPS enabled tablets equipped with Trimble TerraFlex software are used to efficiently collect field data in GIS format with instant cloud delivery, allowing the City to monitor the progress through ESRI’s ArcGIS Online service in near real time.  The tablet application enables direct data entry of asset location, attribute data, photographs and field notes from the inspection. The information gathered from the condition assessment will be used to develop a prioritized replacement program. This will include an estimate of the fiscal needs for the streetlight program, determination of the streetlight asset value, and cost estimates for repair, replacement and renewals.​

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